My Motivation

Why I can do what I do.  My Mom.  As I have been going through my old pictures and other artifacts I have collected along the way. I came across this card.  For a brief moment I imagined her writing it.  I then realize that these writings are the only thing we have left that comes from their soul.  We have pictures yes! but feelings on paper are rare for most.  I’m happy to come across these  when I do 🙂 We all have cards stashed away I’m sure there is something we could do with the good ones…Here I go again…thinking of my next project 🙂  Just like Mom.  I miss her every day.

Happy Birthday from Mom


Gloomy Lina

Blue is now the bright spot.

This is my youngest brother Aristeo and my only niece Abeslina.  I wanted to capture her gloomy blue demeanor with b&w while also highlighting the blue in his shirt as the bright spot of color.

Blue on Blue 🙂

Picture from October 2012 in San Patricio, New Mexico

Abeslina & Aristeo


Today is my Dad’s Birthday!

White T-Shirts & Blue Jeans

His favorite thing to wear is a white t-shirt. He hasn’t changed today.  I like to send him the white t-shirts from Costco 🙂 he likes those.

This picture was taken in the mid 80’s.


His Garden

This picture of Dad with his garden was captured a couple years ago.

Dad Garden

Tippy One

Me, Mom, Dad & Tippy One in the 80’s

Me, Mom, Dad & Tippy 1