Detour ahead

Hello to all who have joined me on Flowers4Em.  I welcome all of you and thank you for your kind comments so far.

I have some amazing news to share about an upcoming adventure that I had not expected or planned for.   On Monday, I received an email from the White House advising me that I had been selected to attend a social media meet up for the State of the Union address on Tuesday, January 28th.   Immediately following the SOTU address I would participate in a panel discussion with Administrative officials.  I was first stunned when I read the email.  I then went through denial…this must be spam….then I accepted that it was reality and I was indeed being invited to the White House.  After picking my chin off of the floor I RSVP’d.  I am awaiting security clearance.   I look forward to the pictures I will be able to take and the experience in general.  I’m not certain what the rules will be from within but I will play it by ear.    🙂

I’m excited to share and look forward to this detour 🙂



Seattle Signs on Sunday

Stadium Station

Stadium Station
Central Link light rail

Columbia City

Columbia City Station
Central Link light rail


South of Downtown

Lite Rail

Central Link light rail

12th Man

Firetruck 12th Man



Sky Bridge

Nordstrom Sky Bridge

Mexican Beer

Pacifico Glow


A Seahawks Nest Before


A Seahawks Nest After

Rainier Beer

Rainier Beer
Made in the USA


Mojito Flavor

Eyebrows No Glasses

Monday Morning Self Portrait
New Eyebrows No Glasses