I’m launching my new blog from a bus in Iceland

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As some of you may know I have become very interested in mobile photography for well over a year now.  In July last year I decided I wanted to really pursue more opportunities to travel in 2014.  Well here I am!  Ready to roll and capture pictures and other stories along my journey this new year.

I’m currently sitting on a bus that is routed for Reykjavik Iceland from the KEF airport.  One of my life dreams and items high up on the ole’ bucket list is to see & feel the Aurora Borealis in person.  What better place to try and do this but here in Iceland.  While I’m there I’ve decided to do a few other things like visit  the Blue Lagoon, a geothermal spa, the Golden Circle and an Aurora Borealis tour. I’m busting from excitement abut the adventure I am embarking on.

Since I will be traveling alone I’ve decided this would be the perfect opportunity to launch phase 1 of my new project that I’ve been working on for the past few months.  I’ve built a personal website which I will call home for my travel journeys and various other projects that I tend to work on.  🙂

Introducing my new website which can be found at:


Check it out and join in on the fun with me!

I’ll be arriving at the hotel very soon.  I’m going to try to calm down my nerves 🙂  I did my homework and have made arrangements so that my data services will not be disrupted while I’m there.

Love you all and am exited to share!


What does a Geo-Nerd say? On route from where two plates collide to a place where they diverge!  I love plate tectonics.

What’s up with the short stories?

Why the stories and what are these stories about?

Jane Contreras

Grandma Jane

The main reason I want to start writing these stories is because I think they need to be written down.  My family and ancestors have such a rich awesome history and it should not be forgotten.  All my stories won’t be happy & funny tales.  I plan on having some sad stories and one unsolved cold case homicide mystery.  My stories will not be chronological in order.  They will be meandering through the time.  Also, with these stories I want to preserve many of the very old photos that my mother collected over the years.  Many of these photos have not been seen before by family and especially by all of you who are reading this.

Amy Jane


Another reason for writing these stories.  I’ve always been insecure about my writing skills. In fact the majority of my adult life I believed I just sucked at it (and very well may have). Technical writing in the work place I do not have issue with.  I have learned that I like to get to the point and not drag things on with detailed descriptions.  I’d prefer to use photos and art to speak for those types of details 🙂  This is the beauty of using this blog as a place to start my journey of becoming a storyteller and better writer.

I’m certain my style will continue to evolve as I find and become more comfortable with my written voice.  My writing style will be conversational.  It will also have Spanglish woven in.  I will write how I speak which isn’t always correct. I will use spell check but please be aware that there may be some errors and slang that slip through.  I will do my best not to violate too many grammar rules.  And commas…I suck at commas 😀

I’m excited to piece together these tales and share with the world.  I hope you enjoy and are at least entertained!




San Francisco, California

This is my Mom & I the year I was born.  She took me to California to live with her sister for a year.  I didn’t learn this until I was in my mid 30’s.  Apparently, after I was born my Dad was acting like a drunkn’ fool so she left.   He cleaned up his act and she moved back.   As far back as I can remember I don’t have any memories of my father as a drinker. I always remember the straight and narrow man and have never seen him drunk to this day.

This will always be one of my favorite photographs.

SF 001