Eagle Creek Trail Oregon State

Summertime is here and I get outdoors when I can.  I’m a bit behind getting these pictures and video published but better late than never 🙂

This was a hiking excursion I took a couple of weekends ago in Oregon State.  The Eagle Creek Trail is about 40 miles east of Portland, Oregon along the Columbia River.  I’m happy to have had the opportunity to capture these beautiful scenery.



IMG_20140615_171404 IMG_20140615_171443 IMG_20140615_171531 IMG_20140615_171631 IMG_20140615_171725 IMG_20140615_171813 IMG_20140615_171848 IMG_20140615_172041 IMG_20140615_172256 IMG_20140615_172433 IMG_20140615_172619 IMG_20140615_172727 IMG_20140615_172758 IMG_20140615_172853 IMG_20140615_172930 IMG_20140615_173037 IMG_20140615_173158 IMG_20140615_173259 IMG_20140615_173424 IMG_20140615_174029 IMG_20140615_174208 IMG_20140615_174248 IMG_20140615_174613 IMG_20140615_174746 IMG_20140615_174833 IMG_20140615_174927 IMG_20140615_175012 IMG_20140615_175140 IMG_20140615_175419 IMG_20140615_175454 IMG_20140615_175610