The Answer to Life, The Universe and Everything

Today I turn 42 and what I have learned so far about the meaning of my life, is that the most important things are to:

  1. Love Yourself!
  2. Take care and love of your family and friends
  3. Be kind
  4. Respect the Earth and all its creatures (except spiders ;-))
  5. Chase sunsets

I have so much gratitude and appreciation to all of you who have sent me Birthday wishes.  Thanks for showing me sooooo much love.



15 - 24

15 - 12

IMG_20140219_180945 IMG_20140113_211219 IMG_20140113_211342IMG_20150526_053538-EFFECTS


Mt. Rainier Sunrise IMG_20140915_200230IMG_20140113_211503 IMG_20140118_101329 IMG_20140118_153147 IMG_20140729_202137 IMG_20140713_210605 IMG_20140124_164418 IMG_20140210_180050 IMG_20140219_181234 IMG_20140227_174332 IMG_20140307_174625  15 - 1 IMG_20150620_205941-01 IMG_20150522_201832  15 - 24 wpid-img_20150418_1939562.jpg.jpg 2015-03-16 21.32.40 IMG_20141026_184441 IMG_20141213_160609 IMG_20141108_163934 IMG_20141016_182319 IMG_20140826_201041 IMG_20140820_203932 IMG_20140824_201453  IMG_20140819_211510 IMG_20140819_211340 IMG_20140819_211154

2 thoughts on “The Answer to Life, The Universe and Everything

  1. Happy Birthday dear Emily!! We love you! I hope you have a beautiful, growing, loving, exciting, gentle 43rd year. I love your photos and appreciate your artistic abilities as you frame the subject. I’m happy for you! I’m proud of you! I love you! Love,Betty (the “Flower-Baking Ex Mother-in-Law!)

    Happiness is being a grandmother! 🙂

    Date: Wed, 19 Aug 2015 19:17:35 +0000 To:

  2. A late happy birthday to you Emeliana. Your photos are always interesting. All you need now is a cat in the house to harass your dogs. I don’t know if they still carry this at the pet stores, but they used to sell aerosol cans of spray catnip. You could call your dogie over, spray its tail with catnip, and then watch the cat chase it around the house with a demented look in its eyes, and a desperate look on your dogie’s face as it sought refuge from the cat.

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