45 hours

90 minutes per day

30 days

I can now check this off my 2014 to-do list! 🙂 Today will be my first day of rest in 30 days.  I’m ready for it.  🙂  I’m looking forward to getting out and taking more pictures in May.


Detour ahead

Hello to all who have joined me on Flowers4Em.  I welcome all of you and thank you for your kind comments so far.

I have some amazing news to share about an upcoming adventure that I had not expected or planned for.   On Monday, I received an email from the White House advising me that I had been selected to attend a social media meet up for the State of the Union address on Tuesday, January 28th.   Immediately following the SOTU address I would participate in a panel discussion with Administrative officials.  I was first stunned when I read the email.  I then went through denial…this must be spam….then I accepted that it was reality and I was indeed being invited to the White House.  After picking my chin off of the floor I RSVP’d.  I am awaiting security clearance.   I look forward to the pictures I will be able to take and the experience in general.  I’m not certain what the rules will be from within but I will play it by ear.    🙂

I’m excited to share and look forward to this detour 🙂