Kalaloch, Olympic Peninsula, the Pacific Ocean and Granite Falls

This post is a little delayed but better late than never.

August 19th was my Birthday.  This year I chose to go on a personal walk about.   I was tired of staying in the city and going to the same favorite restaurants to celebrate.  It isn’t that I don’t appreciate and cherish my past birthdays with friends, I very much do, I simply wanted to do something different this year.  I have had a lot of changes in my personal life over the past year.  I’ve been in 2 relationships over the past 20 years.  I was married for 13 and in another long term relationship for almost 6 years.  For the first time in my life I have time to myself and that is why I had a desire to camp alone.  Every adventure I have taken alone I have felt empowered by each of the experiences.  I was confident this camping experience would be no different.  PLUS, about a month ago I decided to check to see if there were any campsites available at my FAVORITE campground in Washington State.  When I looked online not only was there availability but a camping site right on the beach was OPEN.  There must have been a cancellation because Kaloloch is always booked solid between Memorial Day and Labor Day.  When I saw this spot was opened I booked it!


Let the adventure begin.

The road trip started out with Cookie getting sick on the road again.  She crawled onto the front seat and start to throw up all over the blanket.  YUCK!  I abruptly pulled the car over so that I could clean up the nastiness.  While I was cleaning off the blanket a Sheriff stopped to check on me. I remember looking up and seeing him standing behind me. My first thought was OH NO! did I pull over in an illegal place?  I was friendly and explained the situation to the Sheriff.  When he saw the puke on the blanket he said “oh I’ve been there with my dogs” 🙂 he  said he just wanted to make sure I was OK after he saw me pull over so quickly. I thought that was great because after all I was traveling alone and this gave me reassurance that I’m being looked after.  After I cleaned up the mess the pooches and I carried on.  Seattle >> Paulsbo >> Sequim >> Port Angeles >> Lake Crescent >> Forks >> Kalaloch Campground. This was the first time Paco and Cookie had been to a beach. They absolutely loved it! So many new smells to roll in. They ran all over the beach and the smiles on their faces was entertaining to watch.  Paco decided it was fun to run up to strangers and say hello “yap! yap! yap!”.  That got annoying pretty quick so I had to redirect his attention to the tennis ball and treats which works every time! 🙂  My camping spot was perfect and yes I mean perfect.  The thing about taking adventures alone is that you don’t have any decision points other than with yourself and that makes things smooth.  I had a wonderful dinner and a spectacular sunset and I couldn’t be happier about my birthday walk about.  I know one day I will have someone to enjoy these experiences with but for the time being…me, myself and I are going to be Ok! Here are the pictures I captured from the experience.  Please enjoy them as much as I enjoyed capturing them!


Washington State Ferry “Goodbye Seattle”


IMG_20140819_073428 IMG_20140819_073528 IMG_20140819_220332IMG_20140820_153145 IMG_20140820_091059 IMG_20140819_212038 IMG_20140819_215401 IMG_20140819_215308 IMG_20140819_215218 IMG_20140819_212523 IMG_20140819_215018 IMG_20140819_215120 IMG_20140819_212459   IMG_20140819_211915 IMG_20140819_211705 IMG_20140819_211510 IMG_20140819_211340 IMG_20140819_211315 IMG_20140819_211257 IMG_20140819_211154 IMG_20140819_211110 IMG_20140819_211022 IMG_20140819_210924 IMG_20140819_210855 IMG_20140819_210822 IMG_20140819_210736 IMG_20140819_210657IMG_6183IMG_20140820_155608 IMG_20140823_114142 IMG_20140823_114333 IMG_20140820_203932 IMG_20140824_201453

This upcoming pictures are from Granite Falls the following weekend.

IMG_20140824_073603 IMG_20140824_082820

This picture of a Lilly is my favorite over the past few weeks.  I did not use any filters on this picture.  It was pitch black outside. The porch light was the only light which is why I was able to capture this beauty.