Em’s Garage Sale

Coming soon! 2” Square Magnets

I will soon have a supply of 2″ square magnets that feature the following photos plus more.  Stay tuned

IMG_20140311_164920 GoldenCircle Blue Lagoon IMG_20140113_211856 IMG_20140128_130440 IMG_20140128_234722 IMG_20140128_134851 IMG_20140311_160021 IMG_20140415_161807 IMG_20140713_152440 IMG_20140820_203932 IMG_20140829_193112 IMG_20141022_153946  wpid-img_20150425_164848.jpg




One thought on “Em’s Garage Sale

  1. As you said ” I have the best eys ” In addition to that you must have the best brain too because , without bright brain it is impossible to take , capture with its natural beauty and organiz suchlike wouderful pictures needs to be talented and gifted . I look forward following up the year new pictures .
    With great admiration
    Geta , 12/13/2014 .

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