My Short Stories

This is a list of short stories coming to this site.

Chavez Family Kiddos

Family Stories

  • Pablo Lamar? Say What?
  • Mommy prayed to the clouds
  • The Grey Rooster
  • Fruit Stands along the highway
  • The Contreras Family (this should be a whole book)
  • Katina was murdered
  • Amy my mother
  • Felix

Life Stories


  • Mrs. Singletary and Too Tidy Sis
  • Science saved my soul
  • Apricot Jam
  • Fuck You! Keep it in your memory
  • Seattle seemed cool
  • Summertime in Seattle
  • Peterbilt Truck Care
  • BeatWalk – A neighborhood is born
  • Lost in Amsterdam
  • DNC 2012 – I got off my ass what did you do?

Dog Stories

  • Tippy I & Tippy II
  • Benny
  • Murph the Squirf
  • Madeline the Divine
  • Hurley the Mormon Yorkie
  • Cookie Monster
  • The Tucson A-Paco-lypse


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