San Juan Islands a Birdseye view

Yesterday I had the opportunity to go on a small plane ride over the San Juan Islands.  This was a first time experience for me.  A co-worker built an RV-7 from scratch.  It took him about 4 years to finish.  He has had the plane in the air since last March.   He offered to take me to lunch from Seattle to San Juan’s for my Birthday and of course I could not turn it down 🙂  Normally a trip to the San Juan’s in a vehicle will require at minimum 5 hours of travel time.  This includes waiting for ferries to take you across to the islands one at a time.  These are a few pictures from my adventure yesterday.  Chad was a great host and taught me a lot about general aviation that I never knew before.   I hope you enjoy these pictures.

This is the RV-7 that Chad built. The full story and history of this plane can be found here >>

IMG_20140817_114122 - Copy


IMG_20140817_145725 - CopyIMG_20140817_145330 - CopyIMG_20140817_114720 - CopyIMG_20140817_115101 - CopyIMG_20140817_115703 - CopyIMG_20140817_115457 - Copy


IMG_20140817_120006 - Copy IMG_20140817_120433 - Copy IMG_20140817_120543 - Copy IMG_20140817_121000 - Copy IMG_20140817_121116 - Copy IMG_20140817_121347 - Copy IMG_20140817_121525 - Copy IMG_20140817_122214 - Copy IMG_20140817_122250 - Copy IMG_20140817_122312 - Copy IMG_20140817_122528 - Copy IMG_20140817_122845 - Copy  IMG_20140817_122926 - Copy IMG_20140817_122941 - Copy IMG_20140817_125621 - Copy IMG_20140817_131635 - CopyIMG_20140817_125628 - Copy IMG_20140817_145039 - Copy IMG_20140817_145241 - Copy  IMG_20140817_145405 - Copy IMG_20140817_145648 - Copy  IMG_20140817_150848 - Copy IMG_20140817_151029 - Copy IMG_20140817_151124 - Copy IMG_20140817_151136 - Copy IMG_20140817_151204 - Copy IMG_20140817_151229 - Copy  IMG_20140817_151306 - Copy IMG_20140817_151329 - Copy IMG_20140817_151546 - Copy IMG_20140817_151552 - Copy  IMG_20140817_151613 - Copy IMG_20140817_181105  IMG_20140817_181042

Eagle Creek Trail Oregon State

Summertime is here and I get outdoors when I can.  I’m a bit behind getting these pictures and video published but better late than never 🙂

This was a hiking excursion I took a couple of weekends ago in Oregon State.  The Eagle Creek Trail is about 40 miles east of Portland, Oregon along the Columbia River.  I’m happy to have had the opportunity to capture these beautiful scenery.



IMG_20140615_171404 IMG_20140615_171443 IMG_20140615_171531 IMG_20140615_171631 IMG_20140615_171725 IMG_20140615_171813 IMG_20140615_171848 IMG_20140615_172041 IMG_20140615_172256 IMG_20140615_172433 IMG_20140615_172619 IMG_20140615_172727 IMG_20140615_172758 IMG_20140615_172853 IMG_20140615_172930 IMG_20140615_173037 IMG_20140615_173158 IMG_20140615_173259 IMG_20140615_173424 IMG_20140615_174029 IMG_20140615_174208 IMG_20140615_174248 IMG_20140615_174613 IMG_20140615_174746 IMG_20140615_174833 IMG_20140615_174927 IMG_20140615_175012 IMG_20140615_175140 IMG_20140615_175419 IMG_20140615_175454 IMG_20140615_175610

Memorial Day on Mt. Si

This is how I spent my Memorial Day on May 26th, 2014.  Hiking with friends in the Cascade Mountain Range.  We had a mixed bag of weather but ended with beautiful sun breaks when we needed them.  This is our picture story 🙂


Started off with as beautiful drive eastbound on I-90 towards North Bend.


Our gear! We were prepared with all the essentials in case of emergency. Hiking poles recommended.



The trees are so tall that all you can do is look up and see green all around. Lots of moss growing on the trees every where.



Steady pace keep trekking because before long you will not have the luxury of these types of steps when we close to the top it gets rocky rocky road.

IMG_20140526_220901 IMG_20140526_220340 IMG_20140526_182350 IMG_20140526_183132


First siting of an outcrop! We’re getting close to the top!



When we arrived at the top a cloud was sitting there. Within 20 minutes it floated away and the sun came out to play.




Here comes the sun!



What’s Momma doing?


more sun breaks!


There are two people in black standing at the top of the tree line. This will give you scale of the hay stack!


The Memorial


note: fire arm was carried up top discreetly, hidden and with respect. Sole purpose was for staged photo at top to memorialize all veterans. Magazine was empty. All in accordance with the laws and registered in the State of Washington.


The Unit! These veterans all served together historically in such places like Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan.


Patches just spotted a chipmunk.


Chugg-a-Lug Lexie you carried the heaviest pack 4 miles up the mountain.

IMG_20140526_141127 IMG_20140526_183950 IMG_20140526_220226 IMG_20140526_181606 IMG_20140526_181539 IMG_20140526_181711 IMG_20140526_181510 IMG_20140526_181352 IMG_20140526_181212 IMG_20140526_181127 IMG_20140526_181002 IMG_20140526_180905 IMG_20140526_180750 IMG_20140526_180708 IMG_20140526_180330 IMG_20140526_180258



Just a green rock I stumbled across. 🙂

IMG_20140526_175926 IMG_20140526_175353 IMG_20140526_175326 IMG_20140526_175244 IMG_20140526_151721



A Happy Place for all!