Yes I will speak up NOW

Yesterday I attended a #YesAllWomen Live rally in downtown Seattle at West Lake Center.   I felt the need to attend because there is one violent event from my past that I was there for.  In 1988 my best friend cousin Katina Chavez was 15 years old and found strangled to death in the river near her home.  To this day the murder has gone unsolved.  This was an act of violence of the highest magnitude because it meant death.  Her life ended and this is how.


Katina1988 001

Crime stopper report from 1988


1972 – 1988

This was her and I in the back row.

This was her and I in the back row.



This picture will forever haunt me now.  She was found murdered in the river behind us.  This pic was taken when we were about 4 or 5.

This picture will forever haunt me now. She was found murdered in the river behind us. This pic was taken when we were about 4 or 5. Katina was the girl in red. I’m the one with the light blue shirt.

I did not get up and tell this story because I was nervous and was wanting to observe what others had to say.  Every single person who spoke was speaking from the heart and core.  It was emotional and having to scream at the top of your lungs was a release….I mean how often do you just get to scream really loud??  Let it out!

These are a few quotes I captured from the rally.




“The way this society treats women is that of a lower class”


“It’s difficult when our story falls on def & denial ears”


“I’m sick of being paranoid when I go on a walk” “I’m sick of having feelings reduced to a PMS symptom” “I’m sick of being harassed and called a cunt if I say leave me alone” “we all deserve to be respected” “I just want equality”


“One out four women will be raped or harassed in college” “if you can’t imagine sex without porn then you’re fucked” “women are not objects nor the breeders of children” “we are more than objects”


“Stop being a silent bystander”


“I was sexually harassed and the first question I was asked was…what were you wearing?”


“Call people out when they keep people down …we will not tolerate it!!!”


“Prevention and awareness us what we need.”

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Finally to those who laughed and mocked at the people opening up to complete strangers I suggest you walk a mile in some else shoes before you start thumping your chest and acting like a complete disrespectful jackass.